Princeton Junction, NJ – March, 2011 – MISTRAS Group, Inc. is proud to announce, as of March 21st, 2011, MISTRAS Service employees have worked one million safe man-hours and have gone 9 years without a Recordable Injury at the BP Carson Refinery. Located in Carson, California, it is one of the largest refineries in California, covering 630 acres in Los Angeles County, producing 275,000 barrels per day and employing a staff of 1,200 people.
“To reach a million safe man-hours in a refinery facility without a Recordable Injury is not only an outstanding achievement but a significant milestone for our Signal Hill lab and the entire MISTRAS organization,” said Mark Hill, General Manager for the Signal Hill lab of MISTRAS Services. “All the MISTRAS employees who have worked at this location during the last 9 years have represented MISTRAS to the fullest extent, always demonstrating their devotion and commitment for safety to the extreme.”

Backed with a crew of dedicated and motivated employees, MISTRAS is no stranger to safety. Every year they prove their commitment and responsibility to safety by receiving numerous awards and accolades for their achievements.

“Every company wants to reach a goal like MISTRAS has accomplished with the BP Carson Refinery,” said Chris Smith, Group Vice President of Corporate Compliance for MISTRAS. “The fact that we have achieved such a triumph over a prolonged period of time is not only remarkable, but exemplifies the consistent performance and dedication our employees put forth every day on the job. We are proud to have these individuals as part of the MISTRAS team and hope their hard work and loyalty help us, as a company, continue to pave the way in implementing new and effective programs to strengthen our overall safety system.”