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Mobile Inspection Reporting with MISTRAS Digital

MISTRAS Digital Services
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MISTRAS Digital is the inspection solution for an interconnected world, streamlining mechanical integrity inspection reporting from field technicians straight to your on-site inspection database management system (IDMS).

MISTRAS Digital is a state-of-the-art mobile application that centralizes all inspection data to deliver unmatched quality, time, and cost efficiencies. MISTRAS Digital’s holistic field solution centralizes all non-destructive evaluation (NDE) operations, simplifying and connecting the process to request NDE, forecast schedules, assign tasks to technicians, execute field work, review results, author reports, and generate key performance indicators (KPIs). As a powerful, mobile workflow solution that enables increased safety and significantly enhances productivity via the elimination of non-value-added work, MISTRAS Digital offers customers complete visibility and transparency into the inspection process.

MISTRAS Digital is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. Technical staff, administrators, and customers can access data any time, any place, and on any device, through an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

The powerful tablet-based tool enables our technicians to:

  • Electronically maintain a rolling workload of their inspection assignments
  • Maintain compliance through digital job safety analyses (JSAs)
  • Access all relevant data in the field (drawings, inspection history, photos, etc.)
  • Document their inspection results and findings
  • Attach pictures to accompany inspection results
  • Electronically generate, customize, and deliver final reports
  • Track all work performed
  • Update MISTRAS’ Plant Condition Management Software (PCMS) or another inspection database management system (IDMS) with inspection results

MISTRAS Digital supports both online and offline capabilities. The platform helps to centralize inspection data reporting throughout all phases of a project, including:

  • Assessment & Prioritization
  • Inspection Prep
  • Qualitative Inspection
  • Quantitative Inspection
  • KPI Review
  • Final Reporting

MISTRAS Digital addresses the needs of a variety of work contexts. The platform has you covered whether you are planning the next Turnaround, Run & Maintain project, Capital project, or simply require ad-hoc Call-Out NDE.

Inputting Mechanical Integrity (MI) Data

Through an automated process, owner-operator asset design and registry data from a customer’s IDMS are imported into the MISTRAS Digital mobile app. That information enables MISTRAS Digital to work in conjunction with specific facility processes and expertly track data. After the inspection is performed, the resulting data is exported back to the customer’s IDMS, eliminating the need for manual data entry. Even after the initial data import, procedures, photos, drawings, maps, CAD documents, and other important files can be added to the projects and activities and accessed by the technicians in the field.

Project Scope Assessment, Risk-Ranking, and Prioritization

After the scope of work is established and imported into the MISTRAS Digital solution, technicians receive assignments on their mobile device and have no need to leave the field to be assigned additional tasks. Authority to begin field execution is governed by the MISTRAS Digital database, which prevents technicians from starting work without having a valid certification, current equipment calibration, and completed JSA/JHA.

MISTRAS Digital Field Inspections

After technicians receive their assignment, they conduct any necessary non-destructive testing (NDT) inspections, including traditional, advanced, qualitative, and quantitative techniques including:

NDE technicians have access to all relevant data and documentation on their mobile devices, like isometric drawings, weld maps, P&IDs, U1s, pipe schedules, and inspection histories. All inspection data can be immediately uploaded into the platform, offering operators and MISTRAS management real-time visibility and alerts into potential problem areas. Attachments can be easily added to the report from the field. On-board camera integration offers the ability to quickly capture and embed field photos directly within the inspection record, eliminating the need to carry a digital camera and manually manage pictures. 

The technician’s metadata (geolocation, name, certification, date/timestamp, and signature) are also captured during field execution and encrypted with the inspection record to ensure data integrity.

MISTRAS Digital KPI Portal

KPIs are updated in real-time as inspection data comes in from the field. They can be generated as reports or dashboards for both MISTRAS managers and customers. Using this data, MISTRAS management can remotely monitor progress in the field and assign new activities or make other adjustments as required.

Mobile Final Data Reporting

Inspection reports are templatized and authored automatically based on information captured in the field (including field photos and metadata), which delivers a consistent product, maximizes data integrity, and shaves off hours of non-value-added work. Once the inspection form is completed in the field, multiple templates can be used to produce the final report for the customer. These reports can be delivered to the client via email or through a customer portal.

Final reports can be standard or customer-specific, but generally include, at minimum, detailed procedure descriptions, test results, and future recommendations. Utilizing the Customer Web Portal allows access to upload inspection documents, view real-time status on job progress, reviews KPIs, and download/print reports.

Benefits of MISTRAS Digital

With its universal use in several work processes, MISTRAS Digital has proven itself to be a reliable platform throughout operations. Comprehensive benefits of the solution include:

  • Automated Reporting
  • Cloud-Based Platform with Encrypted Data
  • Fast Deployment
  • Online (LTE/WiFi) or Offline capabilities
  • Full Integration with PCMS or other on-site IDMS
  • Platform-agnostic
  • Rapid Response
  • Real-Time Alerts
  • Real-Time Visibility
  • Right Information, Right Time
  • Transparency into the Inspection Process
  • Electronic Accounting
  • Increased Quality and Safety

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