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Houston, TX - USA (Onstream)

Field Services Branch

Houston, TX - USA (Onstream)

- Field Services Branch

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7223 Empire Central Drive
Houston, TX 77040
United States

+1 (281) 977-7880

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Houston, TX - USA (Onstream) Overview

Onstream Pipeline Inspection provides inline inspection of pipelines utilizing ultra-high resolution Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL), along with caliper and inertial measurement tools. As a service driven company, we are repsonsive to customer needs and requirements and assist them by providing a safe and effective service by qualified personnel. Our data analysis of collected data provides an accurate report of pipeline findings related to the current and prior inspections through comparative analysis. This includes defect growth, pipeline position, and both dent and bending strain. Onstream leads the industry with ultra-high resolution TriStream 3-axis sensors, coupled with state-of-the-art algorithms to provide accurate sizing, Onstream is positioned to assist pipeline operators with their integrity management programs and safe operation of pipeline assets.

Houston, TX - USA (Onstream) Industries

Houston, TX - USA (Onstream) Applications

Corrosion & Erosion

Build-up and deterioration from natural and operational causes


Physical reactions to stress and operating environments


Residual stress from loads, temperature, and other factors


Gas, liquid, and steam leaks in operating equipment

Houston, TX - USA (Onstream) Key Contacts

Dave Latto

General Manager, Onstream USA

+1 (281) 977-7880

Chet Inman

Pipeline Services Sales Director

+1 (281) 977-7880

Francis Savard

USA Operations Manager

+1 (281) 977-7880

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