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Houston, TX - USA (Onstream)

Field Services Branch

Houston, TX - USA (Onstream)

- Field Services Branch

+1 (281) 977-7880

7223 Empire Central Drive
Houston, TX 77040
United States

+1 (281) 977-7880

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Houston, TX - USA (Onstream) Overview

MISTRAS member-company Onstream Pipeline Inspection provides advanced inline inspection (ILI) services and inline inspection data analysis and management for the midstream Oil & Gas industry.

Houston, TX - USA (Onstream) Industries

Houston, TX - USA (Onstream) Applications

Corrosion & Erosion

Build-up and deterioration from natural and operational causes


Physical reactions to stress and operating environments


Residual stress from loads, temperature, and other factors


Gas, liquid, and steam leaks in operating equipment

Houston, TX - USA (Onstream) Key Contacts

Dave Latto

General Manager, Onstream USA

+1 (281) 977-7880

Luis Espinosa

USA Business Development Manager

+1 (281) 977-7889

Tammy Wisenbaker

Strategic Account Manager

+1 (281) 977-7880

Bob Wilde

Account Manager - USA

+1 (281) 977-7880

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