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Houston, TX - USA

Field Services Branch

Houston, TX - USA

- Field Services Branch

1 (281) 990-6410

16903 Buccaneer Lane
Suite 100
Houston, TX 77058
United States

1 (281) 990-6410

1 (832) 201-0403

Business Hours:
Mon-Fri: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Sat-Sun: Closed

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Houston, TX - USA Overview

MISTRAS in Clear Lake is a Center of Excellence (COE) for Guided Wave services (GUL) worldwide. Our branch owns and uses the latest and greatest in GUL equipment with the most up-to-date technical training available; including one of the fewer than ten certified Level III Guided Wave technicians in the world. We pride ourselves on being the best Guided Wave service provider available and also having the fastest response and report submission time on the market.

Houston, TX - USA Industries


Civil and Commercial Infrastructure


Fossil, Nuclear, T&D, and Renewable Energy Assets & Facilities


Raw Materials and Processing Facilities

Houston, TX - USA Applications

Corrosion & Erosion

Build-up and deterioration from natural and operational causes


Defects in newly-manufactured components


Gas, liquid, and steam leaks in operating equipment

Houston, TX - USA Key Contacts

Erik Burr

General Manager

+1(281) 990-6410

Kianoush Samani

GUL Level 3 / Quality Manager

+1 (949) 690-3167

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