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The Automated Radiographic Testing (ART) crawler is a state-of-the-art, advanced tool for detecting corrosion-under-insulation (CUI) and internal corrosion on pipeline walls. With the ART crawler, MISTRAS technicians can offer real-time, precise, and high-quality insight into your pipeline’s condition.

In-Depth Insight In Difficult Locations
Applicable to any aboveground pipeline that is subject to corrosion, the system operates comfortably in regions that previously have been challenging to inspect, or altogether inaccessible. The crawler can detect defects as small as .031”, at higher speeds than traditional inspection techniques. The unit excels in lieu of inline inspection runs, as its non-intrusive application allows it to inspect unpiggable lines. Unlike traditional inspections, the crawler can inspect lines with product still flowing through them, significantly reducing the costs of operational shutdowns and the time it takes to complete inspections.

Custom-Designed, Client-Tailored
The ART crawler is MISTRAS-designed and -developed, so we can adapt it to be used on pipelines of different sizes and diameters, from 8” to 42”. MISTRAS technicians can use both Gamma rays and X-rays with the crawler, and can control it either wirelessly or attached to an umbilical cable. Depending on the situational application, it can be constructed and deployed with a state-of-the-art CMOS linear detector, a field array sensor, or a fluoroscopic imager for through-wall or tangential corrosion inspection.

  • Real-time data and condition monitoring
  • Unlimited range, restricted only by obstacles on the pipeline itself
  • Detection of easily missed inconsistencies, such as shallow pits or moisture content
  • No insulation stripping or reinstallation
  • Single X-ray can monitor large portion of pipeline

To request a live demo of the ART Crawler and or any of MISTRAS’ other NDT solutions, call MISTRAS at (609) 716-4000.
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