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MISTRAS Group: One Source for Asset Protection Solutions
MISTRAS is a leading "one source" global provider of technology-enabled asset protection solutions used to evaluate the structural integrity of critical energy, industrial and public infrastructure. [ + ]

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What Mechanical Services Offers MISTRAS’ Mechanical Services
MISTRAS won’t just inspect your assets; we’ll prepare them to return to service as quickly as possible. Watch to see how our mechanical services toolbox embodies our comprehensive approach to plant optimization. It’s a look at MISTRAS’ one-source approach, demonstrating the value of having multi-disciplined personnel serve as complete asset protection providers, at any height, in any environment, all across the globe.
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Power Brochure NACHER Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Water Blasting Services
Eliminating the damaging effects of corrosion isn’t impossible, you just need the right partner. As the market leader for corrosion removal and treatment programs, MISTRAS Group’s NACHER is that perfect partner. Watch the video to learn how NACHER utilizes ultra-high-pressure water and abrasive blasting to eliminate corrosion and extend the useful life of material assets.
Power Brochure Transformer Clinic™ Website Launch
Transformer Clinic™, by MISTRAS®, merges decades of substation reliability and transformer monitoring experience with a comprehensive suite of online/offline, onsite and laboratory diagnostic testing and screening services. Visit the Transformer Clinic™ website by clicking above to learn how our services can help keep your transformers powering on!
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MISTRAS' Rope Access Solutions for Petrochemical Assets
MISTRAS' Rope Access services provide a cost-effective solution to inspect and maintain assets at height, minimize worksite congestion, downtime, and eliminate the need for scaffolding, lifts, and cranes. Check out our new Rope Access video to see how MISTRAS' Rope Access services can benefit your petrochemical plant's assets.
TWISTED TUBE AETOS Robotic Inspection Solutions
Robotic inspection solutions from AETOS, a member of MISTRAS Group, provide safe and cost effective inspection from any perspective. Through air, land, or sea, AETOS has the technology to reach areas difficult or dangerous for technicians to access, and provide actionable data to reduce unplanned shutdowns, emergencies, and turnaround delays in manufacturing facilities. Visit the AETOS website to learn more.

Our Heritage
We're proud of our heritage here at MISTRAS Group. Discover our roots by clicking on any available link below.

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Our Heritage
Vibration and PdM (predictive maintenance) products now available for online purchase!.

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MISTRAS Marketplace is your online store for purchasing products direct from the manufacturer, MISTRAS Products & Systems Division. Currently, the online marketplace features our Vibra-Metrics line of vibration and PdM (Predictive Maintenance) products and accessories. We've made it easy to access all the information you need on available products. When you've made your decision, you can checkout at your own convenience.

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