Princeton Junction, NJ – June, 2016 – The MISTRAS employees working at the Dow Chemical Facility located in Pittsburg, California, recently achieved 17 years without a Recordable Injury. Congratulations to Greg Rose, MISTRAS Project Manager at the Dow Pittsburg facility, and all the MISTRAS employees working at this facility.

“Greg and his group have always been motivated by the same values and concepts as the other MISTRAS teams working at local facilities. MISTRAS currently has the second-longest local safety record, and the whole team is driven by their desire to keep pace by focusing on the challenges of doing their jobs safely every day,” said Mike Price, General Manager of MISTRAS’ lab located in Benicia, CA.

Added Chris Smith, Group Vice President, Corporate Compliance: “The constant, uninterrupted success of MISTRAS’ employees at the Dow Pittsburg facility is a testament to their focus, dedication, and commitment to each other. This is a special accomplishment, and one that I know the MISTRAS team takes pride in each year it continues.”

Collectively, MISTRAS Group continues to be a global leader for on-site safety awareness techniques and has been the recipient of dozens of safety awards from international energy companies and trade organizations, attesting to MISTRAS’ focus on safety policies, protocols, and training.