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Boston, MA - USA

In-House Laboratory, Field Services Branch

Boston, MA - USA

- In-House Laboratory,  

Field Services Branch

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Auburn, MA 1501
United States

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Boston, MA - USA Overview

MISTRAS Group’s Auburn, MA – USA branch is a leader in traditional non-destructive testing (NDT) services for both in-lab and field testing in the Northeast region of the United States.

Located in Central Massachusetts, the lab offers both High & Low Voltage Radiographic Testing (RT) & Computed Radiography (CR), Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Magnetic Particle Testing (MT), Penetrant Testing (PT), Visual Testing (VT), Physical Testing, and Level III services.  Having the only 4 MEV X-ray unit on the east coast allows for testing of heavy castings and other materials up to 10 inches thick.

The Auburn lab can test structural and weld integrity on various assets such as heavy and light casting, forgings, raw stock, semi-finished, finished, welded and non-welding parts. We successfully serve many industries including Aerospace, Manufacturing, Power Generation, Petrochem, Medical, and others.

In the field, the lab uses Gamma RT, MT, UT, PT, VT and level III services to work with various companies to ensure the mechanical and structural integrity of their assets.  Such testing is used on, but not limited to, piping, pressure vessels, tanks, infrastructure, industrial equipment, and production parts.

Maximizing safety, compliance, and uptime has been our business for over 45 years.

Boston, MA - USA Industries

Oil & Gas

Downstream, Midstream, and Upstream Assets & Facilities

Aerospace & Defense

Commercial/Military Aircraft & Associated Components


Civil and Commercial Infrastructure


Fossil, Nuclear, T&D, and Renewable Energy Assets & Facilities


Raw Materials and Processing Facilities

Boston, MA - USA Applications

Corrosion & Erosion

Build-up and deterioration from natural and operational causes


Physical reactions to stress and operating environments


Residual stress from loads, temperature, and other factors


Structural, mechanical, and electrical


Defects in newly-manufactured components


Gas, liquid, and steam leaks in operating equipment

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Boston, MA - USA Key Contacts

Louis Varady

General Manager

1 (508) 832-5500

Douglas Mendes

QA/QC Manager

1 (508) 832-5500

Ron Havens


1 (508) 832-5500

Sean Byrne

Sales Manager


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