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Engineering Consulting Services

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MISTRAS' engineering and mechanical integrity consultations help to streamline facility design, enhance safety, improve profits, and optimize our clients' operational productivity.

Even the most efficient, reliable, best-designed and -maintained facilities in the world face mechanical integrity issues at some point, whether it’s in the plant conception, design, construction, or operational phase. As a leading global provider of asset protection solutions, MISTRAS Group has the resources, knowledge, network, and industry experience to be there when you’re faced with those problems. 

As a OneSource provider of asset protection solutions, we’re involved in every part of your operations, so we can offer advice on how and when one part of your plant will impact another. From initial design through everyday operations, we’ve been working hand-in-hand with refineries, petrochemical plants, and countless other process facilities for decades, supporting them in:

  • Operations Management
  • Profit Improvement
  • Plant Equipment Support
  • Project Planning & Execution

Our licensed engineers have successfully supported asset integrity management (AIMS) program initiatives, turnaround planning and optimization, asset-specific engineering projects, and capital construction and unit revamp projects for some of the largest clients in the process industries.

MISTRAS is there to assist you in developing, maintaining, and executing your plant vision. Our consulting experts bring decades of process engineering expertise to keep your plant in service, in compliance, and operating smoothly.

Our consulting services include:

Asset Integrity Management Services (AIMS) & Mechanical Integrity Programs

MISTRAS' AIMS/MI programs have been honed through decades of process plant experience and are designed to enable continuous asset protection and process improvement.

Our engineering consultants begin by developing a customized mechanical integrity (MI) plan, taking a plant’s existing practices into account and marrying them with industry-best practices. After designing and implementing the plan, we perform traditional and advanced non-destructive testing (NDT) inspections through the facility.

We then evaluate the inspection results, and we make recommendations based on asset criticality, Fitness-For-Service (FFS) calculations, and risk-based inspections. We may recommend unattended monitoring solutions for plant operators to stay informed of an asset’s operating conditions.

We also house all asset inspection and MI data in our industry-leading inspection database management system (IDMS), Plant Condition Management Software (PCMS), maintenance personnel have full access to past inspection dates, previous inspection reports, and much more.

Click here to learn more about our AIMS/MI Program services.

Process Safety Management (PSM) Compliance

Our holistic Process Safety Management (PSM) programs are designed to provide more value to our clients than simply complying with industry regulations.

Our PSM programs encompass more than just individual asset or procedure assessments. We offer them as comprehensive, plant-wide initiatives that take into account all assets and procedures that affect process safety.

MISTRAS’ engineering experts can advise plants on the development of a brand-new PSM program, and/or critique and modify existing programs using NDT technologies and risk based inspection (RBI) methodologies based on each facility's unique needs.

We also develop, establish, and train personnel in maintaining Integrity Operating Windows (IOW) and Management-of-Change (MoC) programs.

Click here to learn more about our PSM Compliance program services.

Reliability & Maintenance Consultations

Maximizing asset reliability and optimizing maintenance spending goes a long way towards your plant’s bottom line. We offer multiple reliability & maintenance programs that help our clients reduce maintenance costs, maximize uptime, and extend run length between shutdowns and turnarounds.

We can help you and your staff assess overall maintenance effectiveness, incorporate industry-best practices into your operations, and define and achieve specific improvement objectives for reliability and maintenance in both organizational design and procedures.

Click here to learn more about our Reliability & Maintenance Consulting services.

Material Verification Services

Our material verification services enable operators to make more informed decisions, remain compliant with Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration’s (PHMSA) regulations, improve safety measures, and enhance their line’s operational performance and reliability. To help boost your pipeline integrity program, MISTRAS’ crew of experienced personnel are well-equipped to provide material verification and related inspection processes, in-situ, and in a safe, accurate, and efficient manner.

Using Hardness Testing (HT), Chemical Composition Analysis, and Metallurgical Field Replication, MISTRAS covers all angles when it comes to delivering material verification services and remains compliant with the Mega Rule.

Click here to learn more about our Material Verification services.

Design Reviews

Our Design Reviews services ensure that engineering projects are planned to their full potential and maximum performance. MISTRAS reviews assets and processes in the design stage of planning to ensure flaws in asset design are prevented and a clear project timeline is established. MISTRAS offers several forms of reviews and tailors each service to each specific client.  

Third-Party audits are value-centric and put financial considerations at the forefront. The scope of the audit is customized, ranging from a wide basis of the design or smaller, critical items. Unbiased third-party audits are an essential way to truly confirm the capabilities and quality of engineering designs as an honest approach.

Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) studies assist from design conception to execution. Processing options are evaluated, and an overarching project plan is put in place. Working to provide the most for the client’s budget, cost-effectiveness and resource efficiency are a priority in the studies.

Click here to learn more about our Design Review services.

Closed-Loop Cycle for Asset Protection

MISTRAS has developed a customized “closed-loop cycle” for asset protection, which addresses asset protection, monitoring, and improvement issues in an intuitive workflow.

The cycle begins with a customized MI program developed after interviewing plant personnel and evaluating compliance to current regulations. We then utilize a combination of traditional and advanced NDT techniques to perform gather MI data.

After we perform inspections, we evaluate results based on rule-based decisions embedded in PCMS. We analyze the data using time- and condition-based methodologies as prescribed in American Petroleum Institute (API) standards 510, 570, and 653 or using API 580 Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) methodology. The RBI approach analyzes each asset's potential risk in its current operating condition. Inspection techniques and frequencies are established for reducing risk of operation of each equipment item based on the anticipated damage mechanism.

The cycle moves on to recommendations based on the inspection findings and other available mechanical integrity data. Online monitoring is one of our potential solutions for these at-risk assets. Furthermore, we’ll help implement industry-best practice solutions at this stage as an evergreen asset protection solution.

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