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Fire Apparatus and Aerial Lift Device

Inspection & Testing of Aerial Lift Devices, Pumps, and Ground Ladders

Firetruck Ladder Inspection
Firetruck Ladder Stress Inspection
Aerial Lift

Our ISO 17020-accredited transportation inspection services are backed by decades of fire apparatus and aerial lift device inspection experience.

We utilize a comprehensive inspection program with state-of-the art test equipment for your aerial lift devices, ground ladders, and fire equipment.

Our fire apparatus inspection teams provide certification testing at fire apparatus manufacturers for centrifugal pumps, line voltage electrical systems, and aerial ladders and platforms in accordance with the latest National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards.

Our  testing includes centrifugal pumps, 12-volt electrical systems, line voltage electrical systems, foam proportioning systems, compressed air foam systems (CAFS), and aerial ladders and platforms, along with fire and emergency services ground ladders.

All inspections are performed, and technicians are certified, in accordance with the latest regulatory and industry standards, including:

  • ASME
  • ASNT CP-189
  • ASTM
  • AWS
  • NFPA 1901
  • NFPA 1911
  • NFPA 1912
  • NFPA 1914
  • NFPA 1932

Aerial Lift Device Inspection

Comprehensive aerial device inspection programs were initiated to ensure that vehicles were safe to operate, from both mechanical integrity and electrical safety standpoints. NFPA 1914 recommends annual certification of aerial devices to ensure that new and used apparatuses are in acceptable operating conditions.

While manufacturing techniques and operator usage of the vehicles have improved tremendously, today’s owner/operator still faces other problems with regard to safe operation, requiring a rigorous inspection strategy.

General Fire Apparatus Aerial Inspection Practices:
  • Drift tests on all hydraulic cylinders
  • Ultrasonics on all accessible bolts and pins
  • Torque on all accessible bolts
  • Operational and functional tests & record the hydraulic system’s relief valves settings
  • Breathing air systems and pressure regulators (if equipped)
  • All chassis, stabilizers & turntable components and welds
  • Turntable bearing and backlash
  • Winch or brake for holding capacity
  • Aerial lateral twist
  • Hardness or thickness readings on all aerial sections
  • All aerial sections & platform and welds
  • All waterway tests
  • Weight test

Ground Ladder Inspection

Our annual ground ladder inspections help you meet the requirements of NFPA 1932. According to NFPA 1932, all ground ladders must be service-tested at least annually, in addition to:

  • At any time a ladder is suspected of being unsafe
  • After heat exposure
  • After the ladder has been subjected to over-loading
  • After the ladder has been subjected to impact loading or unusual usage conditions
  • After any repairs, unless the only repair was replacing the halyard

Pump Testing

Our comprehensive pump testing program is performed in compliance with the latest NFPA 1901 standards governing pump pressure capabilities. We can also perform pump tests on existing, in-service pumps in compliance with the latest edition of NFPA 1911, the standard for the inspection, maintenance, testing, and retirement of in-service emergency vehicles.

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