Princeton Junction, NJ – July, 2016 – MISTRAS employees at the Tesoro Carson refinery in Carson, California recently celebrated 13 consecutive years without an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recordable incident.

“We’re extremely proud of the work that the MISTRAS team at the Tesoro Carson location has accomplished,” said Scott Ristenpart, West Coast Regional Executive. “This record is impressive not only because of the length of time, but also for the fact that the team continues to provide top-notch service on top of it. To be able to do both is a testament to the skill and commitment of each one of the team members.”

MISTRAS’ safety streak has spanned across two ownerships. The Carson location was previously owned by BP, but was bought out by Tesoro in 2013. Located just outside of Los Angeles, the Carson refinery manufactures gasoline, jet fuel, diesel fuel, petroleum coke, fuel oil, and fuel gases.

“From the top down, MISTRAS tries to instill in its employees the necessity of creating a safety culture centered on accountability,” said Chris Smith, Vice President, Corporate Compliance. “Each team member recognizes the value they bring to the organization, and they all take pride in being responsible for the safety of both themselves and the person working next to them.”