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New Construction Pipeline Services

Pipeline Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and Data Management Services

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MISTRAS’ NDT solutions for pipelines in the new construction phase help ensure assets are constructed safely and in compliance, with solutions including traditional and advanced radiography (RT), ultrasonics (UT), and more.

At the new construction stage of a pipeline’s life, not having the proper tests and inspections performed on assets can lead to an array of problems down the line. Inspection is necessary to help ensure the asset will perform safely and effectively and comply with all industry codes during operations.  

Using advanced and traditional non-destructive testing (NDT) services and data management software and services to guide construction, mapping, planning, and routing of pipelines, MISTRAS can fully handle all aspects of protecting and optimizing new midstream assets.

Advanced NDT Services for New Pipeline Construction

MISTRAS employs digital radiography (DR) and automated ultrasonics (AUT) advanced NDT services to help ensure asset integrity in newly-constructed pipelines.

Digital Radiography (DR) Pipeline Inspection Services

DR inspection services encompass several types of advanced radiography like computed radiography (CR), real-time radiography (RTR), and ART crawlers. These inspections are time-effective and safe, offering improved evaluation, image storage, productivity, and more.

 Learn more about our Digital Radiography (DR) inspection services.

Automated Radiographic Inspection (ART) Pipeline Crawlers

MISTRAS’ SMART and Through Wall ART Crawler systems are innovatively-designed inspection tools that utilize DR to search for issues within insulated and uninsulated pipelines. This unique technology can inspect 100% of a pipeline in the time it typically takes to inspect 10% using manual methods, and can also inspect in-service piping, with product still flowing through them, therefore eliminating the need for costly shutdowns.

In addition, the crawlers allow operators to review inspection video and radiographic results simultaneously for faster data collection, processing, and analysis, subsequently cutting down on time, safety hazards, and overall budget. 

Learn more about our DR pipe crawler inspection services here.

Automated Ultrasonics (AUT) Pipeline Inspection Services

AUT inspection services accurately detect damages in pipelines and can supply accurate data as an important tool for risk identification and assessment. Our technicians anticipate the entirety of a project and the asset needs when considering a solution, with your pipeline’s integrity and safety as the bottom line.

AUT pipeline solutions include:

  • Guided Wave (GUL)/Guided Bulk Wave (GBW)
  • Phased Array
  • P-Scan Technology
  • Time-of-Flight Diffraction (TOFD)

Learn more about our AUT Inspection Services.

Traditional NDT Services for New Pipeline Construction

MISTRAS’ traditional NDT services are classic methods that are trusted in detecting defects to ensure integrity.

Pipeline Data Management Software

MISTRAS offers GIS software and services for engineers and pipeline operators in new pipeline construction. These cost-effective solutions for applications include:

  • Data Warehousing
  • Data Modeling
  • GIS Risk Analysis
  • GIS Implementation
  • Class Location
  • Field Data Processing
  • Jurisdictional Analysis

Route planning & mapping are conducted with design software modules, allowing the planned pipeline route to avoid specific areas of concern. Construction data gathering can also be conducted at this stage with FASTtrackGIS and compliance services, saving time and money.

Learn more about our software for new pipeline construction.

Plant Condition Monitoring Software

MISTRAS’ Plant Condition Monitoring Software (PCMS) helps operators to store and analyze their asset integrity data in a centralized, easily-accessible database throughout the lifetime of their pipeline. Besides storing and managing data, the program can track activities from multiple pipelines that inspectors need for review. PCMS is the industry-leading inspection database management system (IDMS) for mechanical integrity (MI) data management anytime.

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