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MISTRAS offers Oil & Gas pipeline data management software and services, designed to efficiently track, manage, and visualize the real-time state of your assets.

Preserving, tracking, and visualizing the integrity of an Oil & Gas pipeline is of the utmost importance in ensuring the safe flow and transfer of hazardous materials, from new construction through the pipeline integrity phase. It is crucial for pipeline operators, maintenance personnel, and executives to be able to quickly access this information to make the most informed decisions regarding the safety of their facility personnel, the public, and environment.

MISTRAS is making pipeline integrity data management easier than ever with an integrated solution for data acquisition, analysis, and storage.

MISTRAS offers a variety of data management solutions for new pipeline projects, integrity management, data warehousing, mapping, reporting, and more. MISTRAS’ software solutions also help enable clients to achieve Mega Rule compliance, as per the guidelines set forth by the Pipelines and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA).

Visualize Your Critical Oil & Gas Assets through Advanced Software Solutions

MISTRAS’ data management tools are technologically driven to streamline the storage, visualization, and organization of your critical Oil & Gas assets. Our software toolbox helps you to dynamically illustrate real-time asset changes, create centerline maintenance tasks, develop linear models, and upload large amounts of critical data online.

MISTRAS’ data management software solutions help to keep your operations running smoothly, by utilizing state-of-the-art tools, which include:

Pipeline Integrity Data Management

Monitoring, managing, and evaluating the performance of your Oil & Gas pipelines has many moving parts. With the public and environment within range, safe upkeep is essential. Whether you are determining how close your assets fall to the proximity of structures, to measuring risks, or evaluating potential leaks, MISTRAS has the innovative tools to identify these factors. Our comprehensive suite of integrity management software solutions helps ensure safe pipeline management, and includes:

State-of-the-Art Mapping and Reporting

MISTRAS’ next-generation mapping and reporting solutions deliver streamlined views of your assets, the landscapes they occupy, and any potential hazards in and around its proximity. MISTRAS boasts alignment sheet generation tools that create detailed maps along with custom templates to help streamline daily pipeline management workflow.

New Construction & Pipeline Integrity Data Warehousing

Effective and accurate data management is the key to any pipeline integrity management (IM) program. Many pipeline operators rely on spreadsheets and paper files to document pipeline inspection and integrity data throughout its lifetime, but this inefficient method of data storage potentially increases the possibility of overlooking data that may predict a pipeline failure.

Through Plant Condition Management Software (PCMS), MISTRAS centralizes new construction inspection and pipeline integrity data, enabling pipeline operators to make more informed decisions on their pipeline maintenance. We can work with our clients to implement and execute a comprehensive pipeline (IM) program, offering:

  • Engineering input on pipeline design and construction
  • NDE inspections for newly-constructed lines and direct assessments
  • Coating, insulation, corrosion mitigation, and other light mechanical services to repair and prevent defects
  • Remote monitoring systems and services to provide early warning of potential damage areas

Storage, organization, and analysis of all inspection and integrity data in a central Inspection Data Management Software (IDMS), utilizing a risk-based assessment algorithm custom-tailored for the properties of an individual pipeline.

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