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Through-Valve Leak Monitoring, Detection, and Quantification

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About 5-10% of valves in oil and gas plants leak. Of those, about 1% of valves are responsible for 70% of total losses. Knowing which valves are costing you and creating safety hazards can reduce annual losses by millions of dollars.

Valve leaks that go undetected can have lasting consequences for asset integrity and production capacity within your entire facility. Small leaks that are left undetected can expand into larger leaks over time, which can be damaging to surrounding equipment. When dealing with hazardous or volatile materials, valve leaking presents a huge environmental risk, moving plants away from regulatory compliance and industry standards.

Effective inspection and monitoring allows you to identify and quantify valve leaks before more serious damage occurs. MISTRAS' valve leak monitoring solutions provide real-time monitoring capabilities to promote early detection and allow more efficient repair and maintenance planning.

Developed in conjunction with worldwide oil & gas industry leaders, MISTRAS’ valve monitoring solutions not only identify the presence of through-valve leaks, but also use a proprietary algorithm to quantify leak rates to help you prioritize inspection and maintenance strategies.

MISTRAS provides leak detection monitoring solutions for valves in a variety of facilities, including:

In-Service Through-Valve Leak Detection & Quantification

Through-valve leaks that go unnoticed can accumulate into huge losses, which limit overall plant output and productivity. Early leak detection allows repairs to take place as soon as leaks are identified, which limits the hazard and economic cost of wasted resources.

With non-destructive testing (NDT) monitoring capabilities, MISTRAS’ solutions monitor for through-valve leakage while assets remain in service, limiting the need for costly facility downtime.

MISTRAS’ through-valve leak monitoring solution not only estimates the amount of gas or liquid (liquid to liquid or liquid flashing to gas) leaking through a nominally-closed valve, but also quantifies the loss in dollars and cents.

These real-time results enable plant operators to respond immediately when a valve sticks or leaks, saving the losses that often occur in between manual inspection surveys.

MISTRAS’ intrinsically safe (IS)-certified online valve monitoring solution also reduces the need to send technicians into potentially hazardous areas of the plant.

Benefits of Valve Leak Quantification

MISTRAS’ valve leak monitoring solutions provide products and software to help facility operators determine if leaks are occurring, where they are located, and how fast materials are leaking. Leak quantification information provides essential information for repair and maintenance prioritization, and MISTRAS software can record information for future tracking and trending.

MISTRAS solutions for through-valve leak monitoring, detection, and quantifying provide a variety of additional benefits, including:

  • Reduced gas and liquid losses
  • Reduced plant shutdown time
  • Better plant integrity and safety
  • Efficient repair and maintenance
  • Helps plants move toward zero emissions

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