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Duration: 3 days (8 hours each, total 24 hours)
Cost: USD $1650

Course Objective
Upon completion of this management training course, participants will be able to evaluate their plant's maintenance practices and develop a program to achieve "world class" maintenance performance. They will:
  • Understand how their plant's maintenance practices compare with industry leaders. In addition, they will be able to identify key improvement areas and understand the steps that are required to achieve the desired savings.
  • Understand the practices used by industry leaders to achieve successful T/As. They will learn the seven phases of T/A management and the actions necessary in each phase.
  • Be able to conduct work request justification reviews, which are based on the business principle of return on maintenance investment. They will have an understanding of how to develop risk scenarios reflecting realistic consequences and probabilities that can be used to establish the needed scope and timing of maintenance work.
  • Be able to understand the principles of Life Cycle Maintenance Management (LCMM). Finally, partcipants will have an understanding of how to develop LCMM plans for their key equipment and the application of this information to the development of maintenance budgets.
Who Should Attend
Supervisors and managers who are assigned maintenance cost, equipment, and unit reliability responsibilities. Participants should have an understanding of their plant's current performance, maintenance practices, and opportunities for improvement. Individuals responsible for T/A cost and unit performance will also benefit from this course. Participants should have an understanding of their current T/A practices.

Course Description
This course is divided into four main sections:

Section 1 – Maintenance Practices That Improve Plant Profits
This section introduces the concepts of benchmarking maintenance performance against industry leaders. It focuses on changing maintenance philosophy and outlines top performer practices. A stepwise approach to improving maintenance performance is presented. The following topics are covered:
  • Strategy for Maintenance Excellence
  • Symptoms of Poor Performance
  • Competitive Performance
  • Changing Maintenance Philosophy
  • Top Performer Practices
  • Achieving Progress
Section 2 – Turnaround (T/A) Management
This section introduces the concepts associated with the successful planning and execution of major T/As. It presents milestones identifying the actions needed and their appropriate timing. The following topics are covered:
  • Strategic Planning
  • Scope Control
  • Budget Development and Control
  • Detailed Planning
  • Contracting
  • Execution
  • Close-Out Assessment
Section 3 – Work Request Justification
This section introduces the concept of risk-based work justification. It presents the methodology for justifying the need, scope, and timing of maintenance work. The following topics are covered:
  • Organizational Roles
  • "Required vs. Discretionary"
  • Risk-Based Decision-Making
  • Priority Setting
  • Justifying Work Scope
  • Savings/Cost Analysis
  • Time Value of Money
Section 4 – Life Cycle Maintenance Management
This section introduces the concept behind Life Cycle Maintenance Management (LCMM). It presents a stepwise approach to develop LCMM Plans based on top performer practices. The following topics are covered:
  • Define Areas of Vulnerability
  • Identify Critical Components
  • Timing and Consequence Assessment
  • Assess Timing and Scope of Maintenance Intervention
  • LCMM for Spared Equipment
  • Managing LCMM Data
Course Duration
3 Days
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None currently scheduled. Please contact us for more details.
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