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COE - ROPEWORKS® | Blade Repair and Maintenance Services

Ropeworks® COE's blade inspection and maintenance services are designed to help owners realize their expected return from their wind assets.

Rope Access Wind Turbine Blade Inspection

Building on nearly a decade of experience working with many of the major blade manufacturers, Ropeworks® COE blade specialists repair damages caused by leading edge erosion, moisture intrusion, freeze/thaw cycling and lightning. Ropeworks® COE techs have developed innovative repair methods that prolong the life span and overall effectiveness of field repairs. Each repair is documented step-by-step for quality control purposes and to insure adherence to both Ropeworks® COE's and the customer's work instructions.

Wind turbine blades are designed to last 20 years. Unfortunately, without proper maintenance many blades are destined for the landfill well before this time. Alongside gearboxes and bearings, blades are a wear component. Maximizing return on investment begins before purchase and extends throughout the life cycle of the blade.

The Case for Regular Inspection and Prompt Repairs

• Knowing the condition of the blades is essential to build a long-term strategy for maximizing blade life.
• Well maintained blades are less likely to create unanticipated downtime and will generate more power consistently.
• Repairing problems early always costs less.

Hairline crack in wind turbine blade
Hairline crack, barely visible to the naked eye.

Hairline crack gone unnoticed
Hairline crack gone unnoticed.

Leading Edge Erosion
Leading Edge Erosion.

Leading Edge Erosion through the blade's shell
Leading edge erosion through the laminate into the inner cavity of the blade shell.

Warranty Check-up
More often than not, blades are not inspected up close since the day of commissioning. Performing a hands-on independent inspection of all rotor blades 3-9 months prior to warranty expiration is recommended. Blade repair is costly. Identifying issues covered under warranty can easily pay for the inspection several times over.

Annual Blade Check-up
Blades should be inspected every 2-3 years and more frequently if known issues are present. By scheduling the inspection of 1/2 to 1/3 of your inventory of rotor sets, Ropeworks® COE's Annual Blade Check-up provides a reasonable annual fixed price that is easy to budget. This service can be customized to include from 15% to 100% of the fleet annually.

Annual Blade Maintenance
Leading edge erosion and deteriorating gel coats can significantly decrease the lifespan of a blade and cause performance losses. This package, economically combined with the Annual Blade Check, is designed to extend the life of the blades, lower future repair costs, and increase efficiency. Ropeworks® COE blade technicians can efficiently perform minor repairs, upgrade leading edge protection, and fill gel coat cracks among other maintenance tasks.

Rapid Response Team (R2)
Time is of the essence when a turbine is down due to unexpected blade damages. Ropeworks® COE has refined the art of the rapid response. Rope access is perfectly suited for it. Drawing on a pool of blade technicians located throughout North America, Ropeworks® COE can guarantee mobilization to most sites within 32 hours. Sites retaining Ropeworks® COE’s R2 Team benefit from pre-negotiated response rates, materials stocked regionally, and a pool of technicians pre-qualified to work on site. Repairs performed by rope access are generally less costly than using traditional methods, however the real savings lie in getting the blades spinning again quickly.

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