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We work continuously to certify our products, procedures and personnel, worldwide. Based on our stated Quality Policy, we strive to satisfy numerous standards and certification schemes from all over the globe.

Some of the products engineering develops require certification testing and certification body approvals.

ISO 9001:2008 (Certificate No. 12490 by NQA) We have been ISO-9001 qualified since 1996 and before that we were fully MIL-STD-9858A, military certified.

CE Mark Certification: All of our products are CE Mark tested and certified that they meet certain European Norm "EMC Directive 89/336/EEC" (Electro Magnetic Compliance) and the "Low Voltage Directive", 73/23/EEC with amendment 93/68/EEC. These standards assure compliance to radiated and conducted Electromagnetic emissions, as well as power supply safety requirements. We have the test equipment to perform most of the CE Mark Certification and develop our own technical report for this certification. The tests that we are able to perform in-house includes; EN 55011, EN5022, IEC1000-4(-2,-4), EN 61010 EN60950.

Intrinsically Safe (IS) Certification: In order to use electronics in a hazardous area, one prone to explosion due to a spark, any electronic equipment used in such an area is required to be certified for the Hazardous Environment. Intrinsically Safe is one method for making a safe device. Intrinsically Safe is a means that it is proven that the system is incapable of supplying enough energy to create a spark that could ignite the environment. MISTRAS has many products that are Intrinsically Safe certified: Radiation Resistance Certification: For Nuclear plant systems in containment, we need to qualify our products in terms of Gamma and Neutron radiation compliance and Total Integrated Dose (TID).

Electromagnetic Interference & RFI Immunity: It is important to test products to assure that they are able to work continuously in high EMI/RFI environments and also to assure that our products do not emit EMI/RFI. As mentioned above in the CE Mark Certification, we have most of the equipment to perform these tests ourselves and go to an outside test lab to obtain the remaining compliance testing.

Environmental Testing: We have equipment to perform environmental testing. First, we do have environmental chambers to perform temperature and humidity cycling throughout the useable range of electronics. Second, we have a shaker table to perform shock and vibration testing and to perform Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) for our system. All our systems and sensors are put through an active burn in procedure, meaning that the electronics is powered up and in a test mode during environmental testing.

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