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Vessel service leads to the following issues:
  • Internal and External Erosion/Corrosion
  • Cracking
  • Weld and weld heat affected zone issues
  • Metallurgical damage
Advanced techniques used to determine the above damage mechanisms are:
Acoustic Emission MonPAC Plus™ Inspection
MonPAC Plus™ is a technology package developed by MISTRAS that allows owners to inspect a pressure vessel to determine the relative condition of the asset while the asset is still in service. Potential anomalies are detected and located for use in follow up inspections. The use of MonPAC™ Plus greatly reduces the need to further perform costly out of service inspections of vessels that show no signs of degradation.
Rope Access
Certified rope access technicians work in difficult or inaccessible areas efficiently without the need for scaffolding, cranes, or mobile work platforms. Using rope access for inspection and maintenance activities generates significant cost-savings for asset owners, especially where traditional access methods comprise a major portion of the overall project budget.
Automated Ultrasonic LSI
Our LSI system performs ultrasonic surveys at 25 inches per second, allowing us to inspect large areas of piping very quickly. Our UTIA software allows the operator enhanced flexibility to analyze the data for optimum visual correlation with the A-B and C-Scans. Stitching multiple scans together allows an overview of the entire piping system.
Pulsed Eddy Current
PEC technology is an inspection technique for measuring the thickness of steel objects without direct contact to the steel surface. The electromagnetic test uses a pancake probe to identify general corrosion through insulation or concrete surfaces by introducing an electric current into the transmitter coil, magnetizing the steel and measuring wall thickness. PEC is ideal for surveying large sections of piping or pressure vessels to detect areas that have been affected by moisture trapped under insulation causing corrosion of the asset being inspected. Use PEC when other NDT techniques may be limited due to the larger diameters encountered when inspecting insulated vessels.
Phased Array
Phased array is a versatile tool that electronically produces multiple wave modes and angles electronically in nanoseconds. This is an excellent choice for detecting cracking caused by a host of other damage mechanisms and is highly beneficial in providing accurate sizing data for use in Fitness for Service calculations. Phased Array may also be used to perform final acceptance of code quality welding per ASME code requirement in lieu of radiography. This application results in substantial savings to the owners by eliminating the restricted areas required when performing radiography.
Ultrasonic P-Scan
Different forms of cracking such as fatigue, creep, HIC, SOHIC and various forms of embrittlement, may occur depending on the process in which the equipment is operating. These begin as microscopic damage and can occur along the grain boundaries of the parent material or the weld heat affected zones. The P-Scan is used to accurately detect and size these mechanisms in its early stages of damage formation, while creating three dimensional views of the weld that enables the operator to better visualize its position.

Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD)
TOFD is utilized as a quick survey tool of welds and weld heat affected zones in pressure vessels looking for the presence of welding fabrication defects or screening for cracking. It is an excellent tool for providing accurate through-wall depths of existing cracks.
Guided Wave Collar
  • Eliminate vessels from turnarounds using risk based inspection (RBI) methodology and global inspection.
  • Identify and size defects caused by unique damage mechanisms like High Temperature Hydrogen Attack, Stress Corrosion Cracking, and more.
  • Perform "On-Line" Monitoring of suspect assets to ensure continued safe operation.
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