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Maintenance Services

Industrial Maintenance and Repair Services

MISTRAS Working In Confined Spaces
Rope Works Working At Height
MISTRAS Repelling Down Asset

MISTRAS' integrated inspection & maintenance teams keep onsite personnel to a minimum by not only detecting damages, but performing light mechanical services to repair assets and return them to service as quickly as possible.

Even high-quality inspections and preventative maintenance programs won’t put a stop to all equipment repairs, as corrosion, cracking, and the usual wear-and-tear takes its toll.

As a OneSource provider of asset protection solutions, our technicians are trained and certified to not only detect and locate any damages, but to quickly and safely repair them whenever possible.

MISTRAS provides a wide range of light mechanical solutions as individual services, or as part of an integrated asset protection program. Our services include:

MISTRAS performs maintenance and light mechanical services on fixed, rotating, and infrastructure assets in refineries, offshore platforms, wind turbines, civil infrastructure assets, and more.

Integrated Inspection and Mechanical Services

Our maintenance services and programs provide added value by utilizing multi-disciplined teams. MISTRAS’ integrated inspection, maintenance, and access teams reduce our customers’ at-risk hours by eliminating the need for multiple on-site contractors, keeping your costs, downtime, and workplace congestion to a minimum.

For example, a single, small MISTRAS team can:

  • access at-height piping by deploying industry-certified rope access technicians or safely constructing scaffolding
  • strip insulation
  • conduct inspections
  • perform corrosion mitigation and surface preparation services
  • re-insulate the piping.

At-Height and Subsea Maintenance Services

MISTRAS also performs these services in various environments and facility locations. We can safely and quickly construct scaffolding or deploy a rope access team for hard-to-reach locations, safely pilot drones into confined spaces to avoid manned confined space entry (CSE), and inspect and maintain subsea assets with industry-certified divers and remotely-operated vehicles (ROVs).

In any environment, at any height, and at any depth, MISTRAS is dedicated to keeping your operations safe, efficient, and in-service.

Winterization Programs

Our Winterization Programs are turnkey inspection, maintenance, and access solutions to ensure that your process equipment is able to operate efficiently even under harsh winter conditions.

Continual winterization maintenance can save you from the dangers involved with lines freezing, which can lead to costly unplanned outages. Our maintenance teams can install and repair heat tracing, and remove any ice build-up from steam leaks that can create overhead hazards to equipment and personnel.

A single winterization team can:

  • Monitor process equipment conditions
  • Access equipment via rope access
  • Isolate equipment
  • Remove and install insulation
  • Troubleshoot, install, and repair heat trace
  • De-isolate/put equipment back into service
  • Remove ice build-up

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