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Mobile Reporting for Inspection Data Management

Engineers Using Mobile Device For Inspection
Engineers Performing Plant Inspection

MISTRAS’ Plant Condition Management System (PCMS) integrates with mobile phones and tablets to give you access to your mechanical integrity (MI) data anytime, anywhere.

PCMS is a ground-breaking leap forward in creating a mobile inspection foundation. PCMS' mobile deployment capabilities satisfy the needs of a changing world, in which information must be accurate, timely, and omnipresent.

The platform enables PCMS management, MISTRAS technicians, and facility owners and operators to receive real-time updates and key performance indicators (KPIs) on asset conditions on their cell phones or tablets. All information is encrypted and wirelessly synced with the PCMS database.

Reciprocal Data-Sharing Across Platforms

The use of mobile inspection technology effectively standardizes, streamlines, and ensures the accuracy of collected inspection data from field technicians straight to your on-site inspection data management software (IDMS).

The mobile platform interconnects all field and database communications, creating a flow of information to and from technicians and operators.

As an inspection need becomes apparent, a facility’s PCMS database operator is able to schedule and assign tasks by sending a file to technicians’ mobile devices that alerts them of the equipment’s location and type of inspection or maintenance activity required. Technicians can also receive emails alerting them of the new task.

After technicians complete the inspection, they can relay real-time data and images directly back to PCMS, using pre-populated question and answer forms which guarantee consistent reporting between inspectors. All forms and checklists replicate the event checklists in the facility’s PCMS implementation.

Final reports can be sent to facility operators through email or a client portal, with detailed information on procedures, completed inspections, and future recommendations.

Benefits of Mobile Inspection Technology

PCMS’ mobile inspection capabilities optimize inspection efficiency and maximize information accuracy. Eliminating the need for manual data entry provides tangible value in the form of:

  • Reduced data entry errors and duplicates
  • Real-time inspection results for timely, well-informed decisions
  • Standardized reporting to foster company-wide consistency
  • Real-time identified problems with key performance indicator (KPI) dashboards
  • Immediate notifications of identified safety issues
  • Technician and inspection tracking

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