Princeton Junction, NJ – February, 2015 – MISTRAS Group, Inc. (NYSE: MG) recently announced the opening of their newest and largest, state-of-the-art, purpose-built nondestructive evaluation (NDE) laboratory in Houston, Texas. The new MISTRAS facility on 10980 Metronome Drive is one of two former Materials Evaluation & Technology Corporation (METCO) locations in the Houston area, housing thirteen industrial radiography scanning bullpens, the most of any NDE facility in the United States.

MISTRAS’ thirteen radiography bullpens are accompanied by a powerful, new, 3-6 MeV Linear Accelerator (LINAC), making the new NDE laboratory one of only three testing facilities in the U.S. to offer the capability of penetrating up to 16 inches of material. The 3-6 MeV Linear Accelerator provides MISTRAS customers with focused radiography services for faster turnaround times to help expedite deliveries and keep product local. 3-6 MeV Linear Accelerators are capable of completing a single exposure in minutes verses the hours it can currently take using traditional gamma sources and competing 12 inch limiting radiography accelerators.

The addition of the 3-6 MeV LINAC machine allows the MISTRAS NDE laboratory to generate high-quality material integrity scans and comprehensively advanced results for its customers. The new facility has opened its doors to offer a wide range of in-house industrial laboratory services, offering simultaneous radiography scans, around-the-clock operations, expedient pick-up and delivery service, convenient vehicle access and egress capabilities, and emergency inspection services for heavy and challenging equipment parts and industrial components.