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Independence (Cleveland), OH - USA Overview

MISTRAS’ Plant Condition Management Software (PCMS) solution is utilized in many different industries to support Asset Integrity initiatives by managing inspection and maintenance information on piping, pressure vessels, safety relief devices, valves, tanks, and other process equipment. PCMS offers tremendous benefits to any facility to budget and plan long term maintenance strategies to identify problems before failures actually occur, thus reducing unplanned shutdowns. The program provides a host of tools to organize, link, and synchronize information between enterprise-wide applications enabling the thorough evaluation of the results.

PCMS is the only Mechanical Integrity (MI) software application on the market today that has 30+ plus years in asset, corrosion and inspection data management. All program modules seamlessly feed into the integrated Risk Based Inspection (RBI) calculator, thus eliminating the need to manage multiple applications to perform total asset integrity analysis. PCMS is truly a 'single source' inspection management solution that provides an array of elements to achieve a company's Mechanical Integrity initiatives.

PCMS also offers data analytics through its Business Intelligence (BI) platform. The PCMS BI service is a combination of applied services and proprietary analytical product, to aid our clients in getting the most out of the PCMS application. Our subject matter experts (SMEs), in combination with the client and our dashboarding technology help clients analyze implementation opportunities, identify and mitigate areas of risk, and provide best practice recommendations.

Independence (Cleveland), OH - USA Specialties


Data Management

Independence (Cleveland), OH - USA Industries


Fossil, Nuclear, T&D, and Renewable Energy Assets & Facilities


Raw Materials and Processing Facilities

Independence (Cleveland), OH - USA Applications

Corrosion & Erosion

Build-up and deterioration from natural and operational causes


Physical reactions to stress and operating environments


Residual stress from loads, temperature, and other factors


Structural, mechanical, and electrical


Gas, liquid, and steam leaks in operating equipment

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