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Acoustic Emission
Electrical Resistivity

It's not a question of "if" vanes will crack, but "when".
ACTMS provides the answers in real time.

MISTRAS' ACTMS™ detects problems in Combustion Turbines while they are in service

Originally developed to detect cracking in stator vanes of 7FA units, the ACTMS™ can also detect clash, rubbing, and foreign object impacts in many makes and models of turbines. Not only can the ACTMS™ detect problems, it can tell you which damage mechanism is occurring. The sensors are mounted on the outside of the compressor case, 12 for 7FA and 8 for the 7EA, and provide accurate location of cracking, clash and rubbing activity, by stage and radial position.

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"We have found ACTMS to be effective in detecting stationary airfoil cracking on running combustion turbine compressors."

Jim Keener
Vice President, Power Generation Technical Services
NextEra Energy, Inc.

Acoustic Emission Monitoring System

Designed with Acoustic Emission Technology to provide early warning and detection of cracking events and help prevent future failures of combustion turbines.

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