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Our Center of Excellence (COE) for Transportation Services combines the experience of MISTRAS Services to form an elite team of expert Aerial Lift Device Inspection, Testing, Service & Repair Technicians with over 150 man-years experience.

The MISTRAS Services Transportation COE provides an Aerial Lift Device on-site inspection and testing program, in addition to an Aerial Lift Device on-site repair & service program that utilize the most comprehensive and advanced technologies in the industry. We also offer on-site Live Line Tool, Hard Cover-up testing programs & laboratory testing of Personal Protective Equipment.

Our Fire Apparatus side of the Transportation division provides certification testing at Fire Apparatus manufacturers for centrifugal pumps, line voltage electrical systems, aerial ladders and platforms in accordance with the latest editions of NFPA 1901 and 1911. Our in-service testing includes testing of centrifugal pumps, 12 volt electrical system performance tests, line voltage electrical systems, foam proportioning systems, compressed air foam systems (CAFS), aerial ladders and platforms in accordance with NFPA 1911, 2007 edition. Fire and Emergency services ground ladders are tested in accordance with the latest edition of NFPA 1932.

All inspections are performed, and technicians are certified, in accordance with the latest regulatory and industry standards, such as: OSHA 1910, IEEE Std 978-1984, ASTM 543, ASNT CP-189, ASME, AWS and SAE. No matter your company needs, the Transportation Services COE can customize a program that meets or exceeds your equipment’s inspection, service and repair needs.
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Engineering services are not being offered and will not be rendered where prohibited by law or where the company is not licensed to provide engineering services if a license is required.
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