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Model 8002C/8002CFM, Severe Duty High Temperature and Intrinsically Safe Accelerometers
Model 8002C/8002CFM, Severe Duty High Temperature and Intrinsically Safe Accelerometers Model 8002C/8002CFM Outline Drawing
Made in the U.S.A.
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MODELS 8002C/8002CFM

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Model 8002C/8002CFM Features:
  • 100 mV/g
  • Use on surface temperatures of up to 350°F with Thermal Isolator in room temperature ambient air
  • Optional Intrinsically Safe FM Certification
  • Integral TUFKEM® Chemical Resistant Cable
  • Exclusive Molded Composite Encapsulent
  • Unique Throughbolt Mounting Design
  • The 8002 Guardian accelerometers' internal microelectric components and durable encapsulation assure users of long-term stability and service.

    The 8002 features an external frequency range up to 300,000 CPM, capable of capturing all bearing and gear defects, excellent signal-to-noise ratio, plus isolated symmetrical shear mode sensing. All 8002 models include our patented TUFKEM integral cable assemblies for superior water and chemical resistance.

    A 10-32 captive center throughbolt simplifies mounting. The 8002 series sensors come with a full 2-Year Warranty.

  • Severe, High Temperature Chemical Presence
  • Heavy Industrial
  • Cooling Towers
  • Gears/Bearings
  • Atomizers
  • Operating Specifications

    Sensitivity @ 100 Hz, ± 10% 100 mV/g - 10.2 mV/(m/s2)
    Frequency Range ± 5 % 5 Hz - 5 kHz
    Frequency Range ± 10 % 4 Hz - 6 kHz
    Frequency Range ± 3 dB 2 Hz - 8 kHz
    Turn-On Time (2% of Final Bias) < 0.3 Seconds
    Amplitude Range ± 65 g
    Mounted Resonance > 18 kHz
    Transverse Sensitivity < 5%
    Amplitude Linearity < 1%
    Noise Broadband 2.5 Hz to 25 kHz 380 µg RMS
    Noise Spectral 10 Hz 32 µg/√Hz
    Noise Spectral 100 Hz 8 µg/√Hz
    Noise Spectral 1000 Hz 3.5 µg/√Hz
    Output Impedance (nominal) < 100 Ω
    Isolation Isolated, > 100 Meg Ω
    Noise Rejection (EMI/RFI) > 52dB
    Bias Volts (nominal) 12 VDC
    Power Requirements 24-30 VDC
    Current Regulating Diode 2-6 mA cc
    Temperature Range -40 to 300°F / -40 to 170°C
    Base Strain (NOM) .001 g peak/µstrain
    Thermal Shock < .0002 g Peak/°C
    Shock Limit 5,000 g Peak
    Dimensions 1.0" h x 1.2" Diameter (2.5 x 3 cm)
    Weight 1.6 oz / 45 grams, plus cable
    Case Material Welded Stainless Steel Inner Housing w/ Composite Polymer Molded Jacket
    Design Isolated Shear
    Seal Injection Molded Encapsulent
    Mounting 10-32 Captive Throughbolt
    Mounting Torque 25 in-lb. (2.2 N-m)
    Cable/Connector TUFKEM® Cable to BNC or Pigtail
    Cable Pull Strength 40 lbs. Typ.
    TUFKEM® is a Registered Trademark of Henkel AG.
    Ordering Information:
  • Model 8002CP (Pigtail), Mfr. Part No. 9356999
  • Model 8002CB (BNC), Mfr. Part No. 9356998
  • Model 8002CFMP (Pigtail), Mfr. Part No. 9356931
  • Model 8002CFMB (BNC), Mfr. Part No. 9356930
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  • Included with Sensor:
  • NIST Traceable Calibration
  • Integral 15' Cable Assembly
  • Mounting Throughbolt
  • User Manual
  • Full 2-Year Warranty

  • For more information, please call us today at 1-609-716-4130.
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